Cindy's Recipe Wet Cat Food

Our Original series is the showstopper of wet cat food!  Made with only 100% human grade white meat tuna or fresh chicken with more meat content to satisfy the natural biological needs of our felines.  The Original recipe comes in 18 amazing selections and divided into Tuna-based recipes and chicken-based recipes.

Savour the taste of 100% white meat tuna as the main ingredient. This recipe features only top-notch pure white meat tuna, rich in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids – all essential in developing and maintaining health skin and coat in cats.

This poultry based recipe contains 100% fresh human grade deboned chicken – providing your cat with a great source of lean, low-fat protein and amino acid which promotes muscle growth and building up of the immune system in cats.

Cindy's Recipe Dry Cat Food

Introducing the new Cindy’s Recipe Naturelle Superpremium Cat Food. Our dry food is specially formulated for felines with a specific appetite or dietary requirement. Made with only the highest quality ingredients; each bag filled with 4 times the amount of protein – all gently prepared in low temperature to retain it’s nutritional values.

CINDY’S RECIPE® Naturelle Holistic Superpremium Cat Food Is The Result Of Our Journey To Create A Memorable And Unique Dining Experience For Felines With A Specific Appetite Or Dietary Requirement.

Cindy's Recipe Natural Clumping Cat Litter

Cindy’s Recipe® Natural Clumping Cat Litter is made from only the highest quality natural bentonite clay. These carefully selected bentonite clay have unique characteristics that include superb absorbency, extra-strength odour control and the ability to clump without any added chemicals. Through our propriety treatment process, excessive dust and impurities are removed and further supercharged for absorbency power.

Cindy's Recipe Cat Milk

As part of our commitment to complete nutrition, the new Cindy’s Recipe Lactose-Free Cat & Kitten Milk is made from 100% natural cow milk, with no sugar added. The lactose is extracted, making it the perfect option both cats and kittens looking for the goodness of natural milk. It is available in a convenient travel size 250ml bottle.