What Is Lactose Free Milk?

Lactose is the natural sugar that contains in the regular milk. Cats need lactase, an enzyme produced by the stomach, to break down the lactose so the body can absorb it. However, some cats are lactose intolerant in nature (due to lactase deficiency in their body). Cats that are lactose intolerant may experience acute intestinal distress – like gas, diarrhea or vomiting when they consume dairy products containing lactose. With this in mind, we added a natural enzyme into our milk to remove the lactose so that cats (and kittens) can consume  it without experiencing any gastrointestinal problem.

Ingredients & Compositions

As part of out commitment to providing complete nutrition, the new Cindy’s Recipe Lactose-Free Cat & Kitten Milk is made from 100% natural cow milk, with no sugar added. Fortified with vitamins and taurine with no artificial preservatives, it’s the perfect option for both cats and kittens looking for the goodness of natural milk.

Available in a convenient travel size 250ml bottle.


Whole Milk, Skimmed Milk, Enzyme, Taurine, Vitamin A, D, & E. Taurine 400mg, Vitamin A 2000 IU, Vitamin D3 50 IU, Vitamin E 5mg.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Protein        ….. 3.0%                    Crude Ash   …… 0.8%

Crude Fats  ….. 3.3%                    Moisture      …… 86.3%

Crude Fiber ….. 0.2%

To Promote Good Health

Natural cow milk has many important health benefits for cats. It can help build strong bones and teeth, boost the immune system, protect the heart, prevent diabetes, eliminating inflammation and even help promote growth. Our milk is further fortified with vitamins and taurine with no artificial preservatives to keep the cats and kitten healthy and strong.

To Keep Hydrated

Cats have a natural low thirst drive and often don’t consume much water. However, this does not mean that cats do not need water to stay healthy. A hydrated cat can help eliminate health issues like urinary tract infections, stones formation, heart attack and digestive problems. Because cats and kittens instinctively prefer milk over water, feeding cats with our delicious Cindy’s Recipe Lactose Free Cat & Kitten Milk will promote hydration and the natural health benefits that come from milk.